With over two decades of experience as a writer, director, and producer in the film industry, Adrian Bol has worked on diverse creative projects, including feature films, shorts, and commercials. He has collaborated with Oscar and Bafta winning producers, renowned actors, and filmed in locations worldwide.

As a writer and director, Adrian Bol has brought captivating stories to life, adapting novels like "The Man from Rome," starring Richard Armitage and directed by Sergio Dow. The screenplay was based on Arturo Pérez-Reverte's acclaimed novel, known for his brilliant work including "The Ninth Gate," which was adapted into a film by Roman Polanski, starring Johnny Depp. Collaborating with such talented individuals to bring Pérez-Reverte's gripping story to the big screen was an incredible experience.

In addition to collaborations, Adrian Bol has written and directed his own feature films. One project close to his heart is "Legacy of Lies," featuring Scott Adkins as Martin Baxter, a former assassin. When a journalist seeks his help in solving a cold case, Baxter becomes entangled in a dangerous situation involving UK and Russian intelligence agencies. With his daughter held captive by the KGB, Martin has 24 hours to deliver classified case files. "Legacy of Lies" has garnered international recognition and praise from audiences and industry experts, culminated in achieving top rankings on Netflix US and UK, marking a significant milestone in Adrian Bol's creative journey.


Adrian Bol
Film Director / Screenwriter / Producer

What's the Word on the Street

from Producers who've Teamed Up

with Adrian Bol?


MARK FOLIGNO: Oscar Winning Producer

"Moon", "The King's Speech", "Freud's Last Session"

"I had an incredible time working with Adrian on 'Legacy of Lies'. He is an incredible creative and visual director, fantastic at action, but also able to get the best out of actors in terms of their drama."
"I would highly recommend working with Adrian and I look forward to working with him again in the future".




"Legacy of Lies", "Freud's Last Session", "The Lady from Heaven".


"Adrian is an exceptionally talented director and writer. Collaborating with him has been a true pleasure, and we're currently developing several projects together in both writing and directing capacities".



Director, Producer and Writer
"The Man from Rome", "Swahili", "Hemingway, the Hunter of Death".


"Adrian Bol is an outstanding and seasoned screenwriter and director. It has been a great pleasure for me to collaborate with Adrian on the script for my most recent film, 'The Man From Rome' (Amazon Prime)."


Producer: "The Lovers", "Bait", "Brave the Dark".
"I first began working with Adrian in about 2017 and following the success of that film, Legacy of Lies, I immediately began looking for other projects we could collaborate on.
Working with Adrian not only produced a terrific film of which I am very proud, he was a delight to work with on so many fronts. His talent as a writer and director shines and he has a great sense of story and character development.
As a collaborator he is a delight… willing to listen and take on board other ideas, and at the same time passionate and committed to his own instincts. Working with a director who is also a talented writer is a huge benefit to producers.
I am looking forward to our next collaboration."



Producer: "Legacy of Lies", "Westwall", "The Witcher".


"Adrian stands out as a director and writer who excels in solving even the most complex of problems. His collaborative nature makes him an invaluable asset to any team, and working with him is an absolute delight. His sharp intellect, wit and profound grasp of storytelling not only shine through in his work but also positively influence the entire team he leads. Effective problem-solving requires a combination of knowledge and adept communication, both of which Adrian excels at". 
"To put it plainly: I would eagerly jump at the opportunity to work with Adrian again".


My "Partner in Crime"...;-)

My amazing wife Yuliia is an exceptional actress, producer, and writer. We've collaborated on several projects in the past and continue to work together through our own production company. We develop new formats, scripts, and concepts. Approach with caution: she's got style, talent, and... firepower! 😉


IMDbPro Yuliia

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Adrian Bol
Film Director - Screenwriter - Producer


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